Dr. Long

Many members of my profession have found that TM dysfunction problems are the greatest cause of so-called “sinus headaches “for the average individual. Time and time again we see and hear patients complain of having sinus headaches when, in fact, their sinuses are absolutely normal. Surprisingly, the culprit is the jaws, the joints and the surrounding muscles which can refer pain into all areas occupied by the sinuses. A particularly sneaky culprit in “sinus headaches” is a muscle called the medial pterygoid ( pronounced me-de-all terry goy”d). This muscle lies deep within the back of the mouth near the borderline of the throat. When it becomes irritated, pain will be felt just below the eye in the area of the sinus. At other times, the masseter muscle on the side of the cheek will become irritated, and pain will I be felt in the sinus area above the eyes. It is a tragedy that you may be suffering needlessly from these types of headaches when permanent relief is easy to obtain.

An even more unfortunate fact is this: left untreated, your problems may become worse with time, leading to degeneration in the jaw joint and even in the structure of the muscles themselves.

True sinus problems are most often accompanied by a fever and an elevated white blood cell count. Moreover, heavy fluid build-up in the sinus causes a painful sensation when the head is moved rapidly. If these signs are not present, the probability of a TM dysfunction problem is very high indeed.

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