H. Michael Long, D.D.S.

This chronological chart from the Funt-Stack Index, allows you to see the, progression of TMJ disorder by age range and stages of development

Ages 4-7 Headaches; earaches without infection; grinding or clenching teeth, ear stuffiness and/or itching

Ages 8-10 Headaches; ear ringing; sore back teeth; popping/clicking sound upon opening or closing

Ages 11-15 Headaches; bloodshot eyes; curvature of the spine; roaring, buzzing and hissing sounds in the ears; dizziness; jaw joint muscles soreness; back teeth sore; creaking sound when opening/closing mouth; limited ability to open mouth

Ages 16-20 Headache, pain behind eyes; neck/ shoulder pain; curvature of the spine; roaring and ringing sounds in the ears; dizziness; back teeth painful; jaw joints painful to move

Ages 21-30 Headaches; frequent sinus-like pain; facial features asymmetrical; pain behind eyes, neck/shoulder pain; backaches; facial pain; sore, tired jaw muscles

Ages 31-40 Severe headaches; pain behind eyes; chronic sore throat; shoulder pain like bursitis; arm numbness; neck pain; backache; facial pain; jaw joint becoming arthritic

Ages 41-50 Severe headaches; arm numbness; incapacitating neck pain and facial pain; osteoarthritic degeneration of jaw joint

Ages 51-60 Compounding of nearly all above mentioned symptoms

Ages 61-70 Loss of control over movement in face, tongue and lips; all above mentioned symptoms

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