Universal Family Care Dr. Lee

I remember the first time I recommended that a patient use GoodRx to buy their medication. They were very skeptical. In fact, I think they thought I was getting a kick-back from the pharmacy.

Well GoodRx is real. I do not get a kickback. It is not insurance and it often gets a big discount on medication. I had a lady come in last week who spent 160 dollars on medication through her insurance. I decided to be mean and let her know how much she would spend on GoodRx: $16. To be honest, I thought she would save some, but not that much. I squeak when I walk, so I wouldn’t intentionally be THAT mean.

GoodRx basically does group pricing and posts the information on the internet. You can use a card, but the App is the way to go. The App will give you information on pharmacies based on zip code and current location. To get the discount you will need to show the Rx codes to the pharmacist.

So, I would recommend GoodRx, just to see what the prices are and how much each pharmacy charges. It can save you LOTS of money. It will also help you to see how well Medicare spends money on medications. I will give you a tip -- they usually get ripped off. If you don’t believe me, then get the app. You will be a believer.

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