Dr. Thigpen

We have a picture poster up in our lobby that reads “Total Body Health begins with Better Hearing Health”. Many health conditions are associated with hearing loss.

• Hypertension: there is a significant association between high blood pressure and hearing loss.

• Obesity: higher body mass index and larger waist are associated with increased risk of hearing loss in women

• Heart health: the inner ear is extremely sensitive to blood flow

• Smoking: current smokers have a 70% higher risk of having hearing loss than nonsmokers

• Diabetes: hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes compared to those without; Pre diabetes have a 30% higher rate of hearing


• Ototoxicity: there are more than 200 medications on the market today that

are known to cause hearing loss

• Memory loss: those with untreated hearing loss experience a 30-40%

greater decline in thinking abilities compared to those without hearing loss

Notice the word choice of “untreated hearing loss”. This is referring to hearing loss that does not use hearing aids to continue stimulating the brain and processing sounds and speech.

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