Dr. Marc Lee

Have you ever seen an old photo from the 1970’s? Besides the bell-bottoms and greasy mustaches, there are usually lots of skinny people. What changed from then to now?

First, we have more food availability and variety. Our food is more processed and we consume more sugar and carbohydrates. We are more sedentary.

How can we translate this knowledge into permanent weight loss? First, keep bland and nutritious food in your home. If you do this, overeating will be less

likely. Lower food availability translates into skipping meals. Intermittent fasting and skipping a meal when you are not hungry qualify for this. Reduced food availability also means no snacking between meals.

In summary -- try these simple steps:

1. Good and bland food in the house

2. No snacking

3. Intermittent fasting

4. Good carbs (think sweet potatoes, wild rice, and quinoa) and not many of them

5. Only eat out one time a week

6. Do something physical every day

Hopefully, this will be a recipe for NO weight gain for you. Eat to LIVE!

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