If there was any doubt as to whether Shania Twain could still deliver, she silenced all of her critics in Nashville Saturday night, when the Queen of Country Pop defended her crown with a lively – and at times personal – performance at Bridgestone Arena. 

Even her entrance was grand. A minute before her scheduled set time, Queen’s “We Will Rock You” bellowed throughout the auditorium. Immediately as that song concluded, Queen was a replaced by a thunderous rhythm laid down from a second stage near the soundboard by drummer EIijah Wood.

Twain then made her appearance, emerging in the crowd and walking to the stage in a sparkling gown, stilettos and a cowboy hat, waving to fans, shaking hands and giving high-fives along the way.

Once reaching the stage, she formally said hello to the Nashville crowd and the curtain fell as headed right into “Life’s About To Get Good,” off her “Now” album, which was released in September. During her 21-song performance, Twain didn’t shy away from playing the newer stuff. 

Though the crowd wasn’t quite as familiar with those newer tracks, she made sure to keep the audience engaged, putting on quite the stage show. Saturday’s performance felt more like a pop show with revolving stages, a plethora of wardrobe changes and backup dancers galore — which frankly, was a welcome change from your run-of-the-mill country show. 

The newer tracks provided opportunities for Twain to get a little emotional, particularly "Solider," during which the singer was lifted in the sky on a guitar case. Following that, she was briefly put down on the soundboard stage, where she was handed an acoustic guitar before being raised toward the ceiling again, and performing her hit "You're Still The One" while dangling over the the illuminated cellphones of the sell-out crowd.

Her aerial performance wasn't Twain's only emotional moment during the show. Sitting on the stairs placed between a pyramid of screens on the main state, the country star spoke about how much she valued everybody in attendance, before launching into "I'm Alright." 

“There’s always anticipation before the show as I’m thinking about what I’m supposed to give and what I’m supposed to do to entertain you,” she said. “Then the second that I get out here, for me, it all ends up being about you entertaining me. It’s so awesome. So, for me, you are my show, so thank you for giving me so much.” 

One of the unique moments during Twain’s set wasn’t a performance at all. In fact, it was a callback to earlier in her career. Giving her band “a breather,” she took a minute to reflect on some of her older music videos.  

“I love to reminisce, it’s really fun looking back on where I started, revisiting the places that I went to make these videos. Some of those places are pretty exotic. I went to Egypt for example … Music has taken me a lot of places that I never thought I would go … Back then, I was still doing backflips in my videos. It’s fun to look back on.” 

Twain took a seat behind a large curtain, which served as a large screen as she showcased four of her music videos. From her seat, she acted as if she had a remote control in her hand, switching between each song. 

The walk down memory lane portion of the show started with 1995’s “The Woman in Me,” before leading into “You Win My Love,” which was filmed in 1996. She followed that with 2004’s “Don’t!” and concluded with fan-favorite, “Forever and For Always,” before turning the TV off.  

Twain then rose from her seat, standing as a large shadow behind the curtain, as she sang her ballad, “From This Moment On.”  Things got more lively quickly as she then went into “I’m Gonna Getcha Good,” before performing a pair of songs with opener Bastian Baker. The Swiss songwriter performed “Party for Two” and “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed” alongside the headliner. 

The Candian country singer then ended her regular set a fan favorite with “(If You’re Not in it for Love) I’m Outta Here.”  Before the conclusion of the song, streamers went flying as she covered the crowd in confetti. 

However, that wouldn’t be the end of the performance as fans were clamoring for an encore. Twain delivered, first leading off with “Man! I Feel Like A Woman,” which had the crowd going berserk. She concluded her performance with “Rock This Country!” Once again, the audience was once again covered in confetti and streamers, before Twain exited the stage, waving one final time to the crowd.