Aerospace engineer Dr. Bill Baker will be the featured speaker at the upcoming meeting of the Tullahoma Historic Preservation Society, according to society vice president Marjorie Collier.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, in the former Red Cross Building at 502 S. Jackson St.

Baker will discuss the significant contributions of AEDC to the Space Age, as well as the Air Force Base’s contribution to the nation’s successful July 20, 1969, moon landing.

Baker received his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Mississippi State University in 1963. The following year he came to AEDC, where Apollo program testing was already underway. He assisted in testing various components of Project Apollo. He has worked at AEDC for nearly 55 years, making a significant impact in research and development.

Baker was awarded the title of AEDC Fellow in 2004 for his innovations in integrating wind tunnel testing, computer modeling and analysis. His Ph.D. dissertation described his development of the High Angle Attack Middle Aerodynamics Code.

Baker retired from former AEDC contractor Aerospace Testing Alliance in 2004 but continued to work at AEDC part-time. In 2010 he joined the Air Force to assist in forming the Analysis and Evaluation Branch. He now serves as the technical director of the AEDC Test Divisions at Arnold Air Force Base.

The discussion is not only available for historic preservation society members. Anyone interested in hearing Baker speak is invited to attend.