Air Race Classic

Tullahoma played host to one of the nation’s most prestigious flying events this past week as Tullahoma Regional Airport and William Northern Field saw scores of aircraft on their tarmac in the next-to-the last stop of the Air Race Classic.

Once known as the Powder Puff Derby, the event tracing its roots back to the days of Emelia Earhart, the Air Race Classic is the pinnacle of women's air racing. Pilots range in age from 17 to 90 years and hail from a wide variety of backgrounds including students, teachers, doctors, airline pilots, business owners, professionals and air traffic controllers. Race teams, consisting of at least two women pilots, must fly VFR during daylight hours only and are given four days to make flybys at each timing point and then land at the terminus which this year was Terre Haute, Indiana. The race route changes each year and is approximately 2,400 statute miles in length with eight or nine timing points. Tullahoma was chosen as one of the stops this year and was the go-home layover Thursday evening before the teams made the final leg of their journey to Terre Haute Friday morning.

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