To celebrate the 225th anniversary of Tennessee becoming a state, the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center is welcoming the traveling exhibition “American Farmer” as its main exhibit.

“American Farmer” is an exhibition curated and organized by ExhibitsUSA, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance. The exhibition was created by photographer Paul Mobley who went out to farm communities and captured the lives of farming families.

According to TFAC President Joshua Cole the exhibit was the perfect way to celebrate Tennessee’s statehood.

“The Tullahoma Fine Arts Center chose this exhibit to celebrate the 225th birthday of Tennessee because agriculture is one our state’s main industries,” Cole said.

The exhibit opened at the art center on June 5.

The exhibit consists of 45 portraits, out of a collection of over 200 portraits of farmers, filling all four of the exhibit halls at the art center. The portraits range from various sizes with farmers from all over the country from Tennessee to California to Alaska.

Each portrait also indicates what kind of farms the farmers have and what they produce. These farms include grain and livestock, hay, sorghum, specific fruit like apples and peaches, cattle, sheep, alligators and bees.

The assortment of portraits includes some anecdotes and memories from the farmers’ that provide both a testament to their enduring hospitality and a poignant glance into the hardships and joys of a way of life that is now struggling to remain vital. With Mobley’s photography, attendees can see the faces of American farming and their means to live their day-to-day lives with simplicity, contentment and decency.

While “American Farmer” is TFAC’s June exhibit, Cole stated that its residency has been extended to the end of July.  

Tickets for admission to the exhibit are $10 for non-members and free for members. Tickets can be purchased online at or by visiting the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center.

The gallery hours for the art center are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at 401 S. Jackson St.

For more information, contact the art center at 455-1234 or go to