George Dickel Porch Session: a tasty event

Singer/songwriter Lucie Silvas took the stage Saturday, Sept. 8, for the September Porch Session at Cascade Hollow Distillery. The distillery features musical acts throughout the summer for folks to enjoy live music and, of course, George Dickel Whisky.

George Dickel Porch Session: a tasty event

Some might say that there is nothing to do in Tullahoma. I beg to differ.

Yes, it’s a small town and no, there is not the hustle and bustle of bigger cities such as Murfreesboro and Nashville. However, there are some pretty cool events that take place if you just keep your ear to the ground.

Recently, I got the opportunity to discover one of these “pretty cool” local events while also discovering some new music, which is always a good thing.

During the warmer months of the year, Cascade Hollow Distillery, formerly known George Dickel Distillery, holds a music event called the Porch Sessions.

Taking place right on the grounds of the distillery, Porch Sessions sets a stage up and recruits well-known musicians to come out and play beneath the stars while the audience enjoys the sights, sounds and, of course, some George Dickel.

Food trucks are also on site, so one can enjoy something tasty to go along with one of the distillery’s custom drinks such as “Dickelaide”

A few Saturdays ago, I was able to make the short drive down to the hollow to experience a session myself.

We were to be entertained by the amazing Lucie Silvas. Prior to the event, I had the opportunity to speak via phone with Silvas for a story I was writing about her then-upcoming performance at the Distillery.

Internationally recognized for her musical talent, Silvas has called Nashville her home for more than a decade. Now, with the recent release of her latest record, E.G.O., Silvas is gearing up for whirlwind tour that will take her all the way across the pond, but first she was making a stop in Tullahoma to perform music from her new album and to share her love of performing.

Before our interview, I, like any eager listener of music and a good reporter, had to give the album a listen.

In short, it is amazing and worth taking the time to listen to. It’s also another reason that, in my opinion, independent artists make the best music. 

Silvas was very generous and kind with taking time out her crazy schedule to give the local newspaper some time and I was super excited to get the chance to see her live.

We arrived early. Not really knowing what to expect, we wanted to make sure we could steer clear of any parking or seating issues.

It’s important to point out that you can bring folding and/or camp chairs, which I suggest. While there are benches, a nice camp chair allows you to sit back and relax for an evening of music.

The setting is pretty perfect. Across the road is the larger-than-life sight of the distillery churning out the lip-smacking Dickel whisky that everyone can enjoy during the event.

The crowd is just small enough to be considered intimate and may be truly considered a “porch session.”

While the summer heat kept everyone from getting cold once the sun went down, overall it was an enjoyable evening.

Lucie, of course, sounded better than her record.

On the way home that night, I thought to myself how neat it was to have such as cool event just 15 minutes from home. No traffic to deal with, just a few stoplights.

The good news is there are some Porch Sessions left before summer says its final farewell. The next one on the books is Oct. 20 and will feature the musical husband and wife duo Carolina’s Story.

For more information and to purchase $25 tickets, visit the event online at

To check out Lucie Silvas’ new album, find her online at