Franklin County Arts Guild

Phillips teaches workshops and classes at the Franklin County Arts Guild in Cowan. Some upcoming classes include sculpture making.

Franklin County Arts Guild will be exhibiting the work of member and instructor Kim Phillips from March 1 through April 14 at the guild’s gallery, Artisan Depot, in Cowan.

The theme of the show is “Olio,” which refers to the fact that the exhibit includes many objects that are unalike. There will be displays of paintings, graphite, clay, mosaic, pastels and more.

Phillips attributes her many art styles and media to her curiosity of learning about materials.

“I have always been curious,” said Phillips. “Most professional artists stick to one medium, and for over a dozen years, I did only papercut art. There are so many things that capture my attention. Whenever I see a medium I haven’t worked with, I get interested. I like to learn how they work and what they can make.”

Phillips is the workshop coordinator and also an instructor for the Franklin County Arts Guild. She has taught many classes and workshops on a variety of topics, including painting, jewelry making, pastels, collage, watercolor, clay, print, candle and block making name only a few.

The exhibit displays many of the mediums that Phillips has learned to work with. She said the things she learns about one medium can often help her improve in another.

“I was a paper-cutter for 14 years,” Phillips said. “The art of paper cutting is very precise. I wanted to do something looser, like painting. I wanted to learn to paint my whole life but I was scared to try. I took a few painting classes and I applied those skills to my paper cutting skills. I found that it actually make my paper cutting better.”

Because Phillips coordinates the guild’s activities as well as instructs classes, she understands and appreciates art teachers everywhere. So much so, in fact, she said several influential teachers who have inspired her work that will be displayed at the exhibition.

“I appreciate a good art teacher,” added Phillips. “If it wasn’t for teachers, we wouldn’t know how to make art. I know what it takes and what goes into teaching an art class and the dedication they have really shows. Teachers are given a special mention in this art show.”

Phillips expressed excitement about her upcoming exhibit and the opportunity to promote the arts at the guild. The guild is going to have several upcoming classes and workshops in the weeks to come. Mostly, Phillips is excited to share her love of art with others.

“I’ve been creating art all my life,” reflected Phillips. “My earliest memories of making art were from probably about 2 or 3 years old. This is such an artsy community, too. Everywhere I turn there’s an artist, and that makes my retired life enjoyable.”

Originally from Nashville, Phillips moved to Cowan three years ago. She said life is much slower and affordable in Cowan than in Nashville and the scenery of the area has also helped influence some of her artwork.

The public is invited to Phillips’ opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, March 1. Refreshments will be served.

Franklin County Arts Guild and The Artisan Depot is located at 204 Cumberland St. East in Cowan.

For more information on the guild and the Artisan Depot’s upcoming schedule of events, call 931-691-1817, or visit