Organizers of the Camp imPACT summer camp are gearing up for the program, which begins Monday, June 17.

Erik Petersen, assistant director for Camp imPACT and the Performing Arts for Children and Teens (PACT) program at large, is looking forward to meeting the participants.

“We have offered the program since 2006,” Petersen said.

Petersen and his wife, Erica have been running the camp since 2012, he said.

“Coleen Saunders and Melissa Shuran formed PACT in 2006,” Peterson said. “In 2011, Erica Petersen took control of the program. The continued success of the program has been a culmination of the hard work and dedication of Erica, Coleen and Melissa.”

Petersen promised a camp filled with various activities.  

“Participants can expect four hours of theatre magic, including daily dance, acting, and music lessons, snack time, group games and activities, a technical effects class, and the camaraderie and fellowship that only the dramatic arts can provide,” Petersen said.

He said children taking part of the program will learn as well as have fun.

“Truly, the dramatic arts are for everyone, and nowhere is that on display more than at camp imPACT, where we have children from all age ranges and all walks of life enjoying the various aspects of preparing for a theatre performance,” Petersen said.

“Whether you like the limelight and aim to always be center stage, or you prefer to have your talents appreciated from afar or via proxy, as in our stage manager, tech crew, and booth operators, camp imPACT is a wonderful place where everyone can prosper.”

Petersen enjoys being part of the initiative.

“As someone who’s been involved in this program for the better part of seven years, watching our little ones my first year grow and flourish into some of our most talented, compassionate, and empathetic leaders and young adults has been a privilege I will not soon forget,” Petersen explained.

“The positive experiences and wonderful people I’ve had the honor to encounter through this program transcends words, and even if it didn’t, I couldn’t possibly do it justice.”

He encouraged locals to participate.

“The South Jackson Civic Center and the PACT program are truly something special, and I invite anyone and everyone to come and see for themselves,” he said.

Camp imPACT runs from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., June 17-21 and June 24-28.

Camp imPACT will be held at the South Jackson Civic Center.

For more information, email, or call (931)455-5321.

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