The Tullahoma Educational Foundation for Excellence has announced that it has received funds to award two scholarships for 2018.


Wolff Scholarship

The Patsy Ennis Wolff and William G. Wolff Scholarship will award scholarships to one or two students selected by the foundation from the 2018 graduating class at Tullahoma High School.

According to foundation members, the scholarship “provides an incentive to and benefit for deserving students who are without sufficient assets and whose parents are without sufficient assets, to finance the education which they desire and which they are capable of receiving.”

Patsy Ennis Wolff grew up in Tullahoma and attended Tullahoma High School. Bill Wolff is a South Carolinian, and after they married they made their home in the Atlanta area.

As part owners of Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma, Inc., their scholarships honor the Holland and Ennis families for their contributions to Tullahoma through this family business.

To date, the Patsy Ennis Wolff and William G. Wolff Scholarship has awarded $50,000 to four students.


Frazier Memorial Scholarship

The R.E. Frazier Memorial Scholarship is an award to any graduate of Tullahoma High School for undergraduate or graduate study in the ministry of medical mission field, according to the foundation.

This scholarship is offered through the Tullahoma Educational Foundation for Excellence by Donna Frazier in memory of her late husband, Dr. Ray E. Frazier.

Frazier was a dentist in Tullahoma for many years and was very active in the Methodist Church. He always had a passion helping people in need, and his generous spirit is being continued through the R.E. Frazier Memorial Scholarship.

To date, this scholarship has awarded $17,400 to four students.



New applications for both the Patsy Ennis Wolff and William G. Wolff Scholarship and the R.E. Frazier Memorial Scholarship can be obtained at the Tullahoma City Schools administration office on South Jackson Street.

The deadline for new applications is Feb. 16, and the deadline for renewal applications is April 1.



The Tullahoma Educational Foundation for Excellence was created on Nov. 16, 1988, by nine residents of Tullahoma with the goal of advancing the pursuit of excellence in public education for the City of Tullahoma.

The original incorporators were Barbara Franks, R.W. Hensel, Fran Marcum, Charlotte Parish, Dr. William J. Sanders IV, Dr. Claude C. Snoddy, Eldon B. Thoma II, Robert M. Williams and Dr. Susan Wu. The foundation received conditional approval from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization on Sept. 7, 1989, and final approval on Dec. 1, 1993.

Since 1989, the foundation has accepted charitable donations and used those funds to enhance opportunities for education excellence in Tullahoma.

In 1997, an endowment fund was created within the foundation in an effort to provide a more permanent funding source for grants to further the goals of the foundation. In cooperation with Tullahoma City Schools, classrooms and other facilities throughout the system were named in honor of persons who made substantial contributions to the foundation endowment fund.

The endowment fund now stands at over $800,000, the income of which is used for the Tullahoma school system. A goal of reaching $1 million has been established.

The grants from the foundation to or for the benefit of Tullahoma City Schools have included many improvements for the school system over the years, including specialized equipment for the system, awards for excellence in teaching, complete funding for a new STEM laboratory at West Middle Schools and a $38,000 upgrade to the media arts studio at Tullahoma High School.

Additionally, contributions are often received by the foundation to be used for scholarships, for Tullahoma High School graduates, to provide an incentive for Tullahoma students to enhance their education and achieve post-secondary education.

The foundation is always seeking contributions from persons and businesses who are also interested in enhancing excellence in the Tullahoma City Schools system.

Anyone seeking to make a donation to the foundation’s endowment fund to enhance future grants can deliver it to the Henry & McCord law office at 300 N. Jackson St., or mail it to P.O. Box 538, Tullahoma, TN 37388.

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