Notes from the mayor

Mayor Lane Curlee

Mayor Lane Curlee

Sales record

     Thanks to the approximately 400 retailers in Tullahoma and all Tullahoma-area residents, we set an all-time record for retail sales in Tullahoma this past December. Retailers collected $1,340,190 in sales tax! Cities get to keep about 2 percent of the 9-percent sales tax rate. Assuming that percentage, Tullahoma retailers sold about $67 million in goods or services in December. Way to go!

Happy retirement to Kathy Pelton

Congratulations to Kathy Pelton, who retired last Wednesday from 15 years working with Good Samaritan. I have worked with Kathy on several projects over the years. She has a big heart and will certainly be missed!


Informative tour

Tullahoma is fortunate to have many interesting public and private facilities around town. Last Wednesday, about a dozen of us toured the wastewater treatment Plant on South Franklin Street. This plant, operated by the Tullahoma Utilities Authority, is critical to Tullahoma functioning as a safe and healthy community. Have you ever wondered what happens to the water after you take a shower or flush the toilet? Well, it ends up at the Wastewater Treatment Plant – typically about 3 million gallons a day.

The plant serves 7,400 customers, maintains 200 miles of collection lines and 42 lift stations. We learned when it was built in the mid-80’s, the plant was a state-of-the-art facility, was the first of its type in the U.S. and the largest of its type in the world. The wastewater is processed using very few chemicals. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the entire campus. After touring the campus we walked to where the clear, fresh water is discharged into Rock Creek 12 times a day. We met most of the staff and I was very impressed with their knowledge and dedication to the critical nature of their job. When wastewater first arrives at the plant, it goes through several screens before it reaches a holding tank. So what’s one of the most unusual things caught by one of the screens? A cell phone! Don’t ask me how that could happen, I can only imagine!

For the next several months I invite the community to join me on these local tours. Our next tour is the Duck River Utility Commission, the group that provides our potable water. The tour is March 8 from 11:45 to 1 p.m. Lunch will be provided ($5 please). The commission is the group that provides our award-winning water. If you would like to join me on the tour, please email

Volunteers brighten day

Thanks to the nearly 50 volunteers who joined me in handing out over 400 Valentine flowers and homemade cards last Tuesday to residents and staff at our four assisted living and nursing homes. The cards were made by Tullahoma elementary students. I know the residents and staff enjoyed receiving the flowers, cards, and short visits, but I think the volunteers enjoyed the time together as much, if not more. A slight correction in the Sunday News story about the annual event. This was not a City of Tullahoma sponsored event, although several aldermen and I participated. This was a volunteer-driven activity we have been organizing for many years.


Officers promotions

Congratulations to two recently promoted officers in the police department. Cody Brandon was promoted to sergeant. Cody has been with the department seven years, earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and has served a tour overseas in Iraq. Josh Yates has been with the department four years and was promoted to corporal. He is a member of the bike patrol, a SWAT member and an elementary school Adopt-A-Cop volunteer. Thanks to both of these fine young men for agreeing to accept additional leadership responsibilities.


Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn Friday by city administrator, author and historian Jody Baltz was very interesting. He shared with the nearly 40 in attendance the important role local African-Americans played in the Civil War. The next Lunch and Learn is March 17 featuring Lisa Spencer, meteorologist with Channel 4. To reserve your seat contact parks and rec at 455-1121.

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