Abigail gets scholarship

Abigail English

Springtime is such a special time of year with the flowering trees, jonquils blooming, forsythia ablaze, and hope abounding. It is a time when high school seniors are excited about graduation on the horizon, the Senior prom, Project Graduation, and the walk to receive their diploma!

Also on their minds are college acceptances, potential scholarships, thinking about college majors, and all the expenses that will follow. Those expenses include tuition, textbooks, supplies as required, room and board if living on campus, transportation, and wardrobe needs. Plus, they need the very essential cellphone and computer!

One young lady, Abigail English, has just received the good news that she has been accepted to the college that was her first choice, Belmont, which is so well-known for its fantastic music program. And that is a perfect fit for Abigail because music is a major part of her life. While at Tullahoma High School, she played the tuba and was a member of the band. But being active in the band was not her only music talent as she plays five instruments and sings as well. But her talents do not end there. She is also a dancer and an actress. She is truly a young woman of many talents. She also has her own business of making candles which she sells, and another amazing thing that she does is to refuel planes at the airport in what little spare time she has. She is also active in her church work, camps, and conferences leading the music and performing using her God-given talents.

These talents that she has shared brought her to the attention of the ladies who belong to an organization called P.E.O. whose purpose is to support education for women. Being an international organization, they have a number of scholarships, and they can recommend individuals for these scholarships which are highly competitive. And the local members of P.E.O. are so delighted to have Abigail named as the recipient of their Loretta-McCoin Scholarship to the tune of $2,500. This will help her pursue her dream of majoring not only in music but business as well.

Having Abigail represent Tullahoma when she enrolls at Belmont will show the world that Tullahoma values education, has a great education program, and promotes the young people to help them even develop their talents, interests and skills to an even greater degree. We are even sure that Abigail will use her talents and grace to achieve great things in life, and once again, we in Tullahoma will say “we knew she could do it.”