For most, Halloween is just a holiday, but for Lesley Krijgsman, it’s a tradition. Halloween is Krijgsman’s favorite holiday and she lets it be known by decorating her house as the spookiest one on the block.

Krijgsman said Halloween always being a big deal in her family. She remembers her mother and grandmother going all out for Halloween when she was a young girl.

“Halloween has always been a big deal for us,” reflects Krijgsman. “My mom and grandma would decorate the house in all kinds of decorations.”

Halloween is Krijgman’s favorite day of the year. Her Pineview Circle yard is elaborately decorated as a graveyard filled with ghosts, goblins and zombies. In addition, she has five animatronic figures and nine huge blow-up decorations. There are also mummies, bats and heads swinging from the front porch.

“I do it mostly for the kids. Of course, I love Halloween, and I enjoy decorating, but I really love to watch the kids’ reactions when they come up for candy,” said Krijgman.

Trick-or-treaters were able to wander up to Krijgsman’s spooky porch for candy only after they had passed a fire-breathing dragon, a graveyard filled with ghosts, ghouls, zombies and body parts scattered about. If they make it past the ghastly graveyard, visitors are haunted through Witchy Way to make it to the porch. Once trick-or-treaters make it to the porch, there are more creepy crawlers hang from the awning waiting for a scare.

Krijgman tries to make her collection of Halloween decorations a little bigger and scarier each year. Her future plans are to have her yard completely decorated with scary scenes.

“The scarier the better,” exclaimed Krijgsman. “Vampires are my favorite, but of course I try to incorporate a little bit of everything that’s scary.”

A Florida native, Krijgman moved to Tennessee in 2006 and eventually found herself settled down in Tullahoma. Trying to keep her tradition alive, she has decorated her yard in scary style every year she’s lived here.

“Halloween is like Christmas to me,” said Krijgsman. “I get new Halloween decorations for Christmas every year. My family knows that this is what I love, and they support me in adding to my collection of decorations.”

Even though Halloween 2018 may be over, Krijgsman will spend the next 360 days preparing for next year’s celebration. Trick-or-treaters are sure to be in for quite the scare as her collection of spooky decorations will only grow for many years to come.

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