Free ‘arm and arm’ health class set by city

Devan Arman

The city’s Get Fit! Committee is offering a series of health classes called “Arm & Arm Health” facilitated by Devan Arman of Family Chiropractic Complex designed for people who want to get fit.

Classes are free and will start Saturday, February 8 and last through March 15. They will be held each Saturday at 10 a.m. at D.W. Wilson Community Center on North Collins Street.

Devan Arman

Arman is new to Tullahoma but a native of Tennessee. As a chiropractic intern, Arman is passionate about teaching others about health and leading a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, according to communications coordinator for the city Winston Brooks.

“I dropped 54 pounds, and every year I’ve gotten stronger and healthier, and I attribute this to the way I live and the beliefs I have about the four parts of the circle of health,” said Arman. “These are fuel, movement, emotional management and preventative health.”

“It’s called ‘Arm and Arm’ because you are getting in-shape with others and holding each other accountable,” said Arman. “You may be telling yourself to be healthy, but are you able to hold yourself accountable? It is really important to find that health-partner, and I hope to be the guide to start you down your path.”

The class is designed for anyone wanting to start a new routine or find that motivation to get to the next level of optimum health.

To register, call Brooks at 455-2648 or e-mail

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