Although he’s not, technically speaking, a local, Henry Cho has become something of a familiar face in Tullahoma.

On Friday, Jan. 25 the comedian will return to the South Jackson Civic Center for his fifth show in as many years. Cho provides clean jokes and comedy for the entire family. Tullahoma is one annual stop that Cho makes sure to mark on his tour list.

“I visit Tims Ford many times a year,” said Cho. “Several folks asked me when I was going to do a show around town. I did some checking, and I decided to do a show at the South Jackson Civic Center. This is now my fifth year in a row to perform there.”

With more than 30 years of experience now under his belt, Cho looked back on the day he got his first gig as a standup comedian.

“I entered a comedy competition in Knoxville while I was in college,” Cho reflected. “It was just a Monday night when I went on stage. It was my first time ever being on stage. I got hired right there after my performance. I began working that Wednesday as a standup comedian, and then I dropped out of college that Friday 33 years ago.”

Throughout his career, Cho has had many television appearances, including spots on NBC’s “The Tonight Show”, CBS’s “The Late, Late, Show” and NBC’s “Young Comedians Special.” He also hosted NBC’s “Friday Night Videos” for two years and has acted in film and television projects.

While Cho has enjoyed appearing on television and acting in movies, he said his experience at South Jackson in years past has him really excited for this year’s performance.

“We sold out last year,” Cho said. “There’s always a great turnout, but last year was completely packed. I hope we do it again this year. I always look forward to Tullahoma. We spend a lot of time in Winchester, and we go to Tullahoma a lot for supplies.”

Cho is well-known for keeping his comedy free of curse words and derogatory or vulgar references, so the whole family can join in on the laughs while attending one of his performances.

“I was a Christian before I was a comedian,” explained Cho. “It’s a pretty simple process for me. I’m not a prude. If it’s funny, it’s funny; dirty or not. Being clean on stage was a personal decision. I’ve never billed myself as a ‘Christian comedian.’ I just happened to be a Christian who’s a comedian.”

Even though Cho has had a very long and successful career, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He said things are always changing within his career and it’s possible that he could get back into the television scene.

“The sky is the limit,” said Cho. “Every day is living the lottery. If I decide to get back in the television game and pitch a show, then things could change overnight.”

Cho said his family life has taken top priority over past few years, and it has kept the family away from Los Angeles, where many television deals are made. However, now that his children are getting older, Cho is “getting his ducks in a row” and finding new inspiration every day.

“I love doing standup comedy,” said Cho. “Every day I am inspired by something. Something to try and something to write into a joke. There’s a lot in store for 2019. More tour dates, getting the kids through another school year and playing as much golf as possible, without missing out on family stuff is just the beginning to what can inspire me.”

Coming along with Cho to the South Jackson Civic Center is comedian Aaron Weber. Weber is a standup comedian who was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. Weber moved to Nashville in 2014, and he has been doing standup ever since.

Cho encourages everyone to come out and see the show.

“It’s a great little venue, there’s clean comedy and the best band for the buck in show business that night for sure,” he said. “My opener [Weber] is worth the price of admission. He’s great! As long as folks in Tullahoma keep coming back, then I’ll keep coming back, too!”

For more information on Henry Cho, visit, or check out his hour Comedy Central Special, “What’s That Clickin’ Noise” on Netflix. Information on Aaron Weber can be found at or on his personal Myspace.

For tickets, which are available for $20 apiece, and more information on the show, visit or call 931-455-5321.

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