HorsePlay and Double Shot

Local band Double Shot will be performing at the Bolo Club in Sherwood for HorsePlay’s Trail Ride fundraiser later in September. From front left HorsePlay board members Loretta Christian and Susan Finger. Back left are Andy and Lee Huffer of Double Shot.

HorsePlay Inc. is calling the shots as Double Shot will be performing at the nonprofit’s big fundraiser event.

This year, HorsePlay will host its fundraising event “HorsePlay’s Trail Ride” from Sept. 23 through 26 at the Bolo Club in Sherwood. The event will have a trail ride of the countryside, live auction and HorsePlay’s yearly Barn Dance. All proceeds will go to HorsePlay to help support its therapeutic riding program.

On Saturday night, the event will feature live music from the band Double Shot. The band consists of Lynchburg natives Andy and Lee Huffer who have been performing since 2018 and have played locally in Tullahoma at London’s Restaurant and Bar, Daddy Billy’s and the Whiskey Trail.

Andy said they didn’t think of pursuing a music career until he was told to talk to the boss of the bar they were playing to get rebooked.

“It was within that moment when he said ‘get rebooked’ I was like ‘We could really do something with this,’ and here we are three and half years later, going on four, and we play in Nashville on the Tootsie circuit on Broadway,” Andy said.

While Double Shot plays country and western music, they play everything from Merle Haggard to Usher, as well as crowd favorites like Luke Combs and Alabama. Andy said playing in Nashville was their original goal and their next goal is to keep going forward.

“We just want to continue to grow, our goal is as long as we’re growing and moving forward we’re accomplishing what we want to accomplish,” Andy said.

Lee said his end goal is to be able to perform on countrywide and worldwide tours.

According to Lee, they were contacted by board member Loretta Christian after the previous live act pulled out of the event and they were the top recommended act.

While they were preparing for an audition in Nashville, Lee said Christian persuaded them to say yes and they told their bosses they wouldn’t be available Sept. 25.

“Ms. Loretta had a way persuading me to say yes right then and there,” Lee said. “I said, ‘You know what, I think the Lord is telling me to do this,’ so I agreed to it.”

For the Huffer brothers, playing events like HorsePlay’s fundraiser is a chance to give back to the people who invested time in them and to keep themselves in touch with their roots. They said they love playing music and are excited to play for a cause that will help kids enjoy an experience they don’t’ get often.

“There’s something about stepping on stage and getting behind the microphone where I feel like I’m in the clouds until the last song is done and I’m back on the ground,” Andy said. “It’s an incredible feeling. It’s going to be a good time and any way that Double Shot that can give back we’ll be a part of it.”

Andy and Lee said they never thought they would be doing something like this and are excited to play at the Bolo Club as they get the chance to perform in a barn, which has been an idea they’ve had wanted to do.

“Getting to play in a loft is going to be something cool and I can’t wait to see all the kids,” Lee said. “I don’t know what to expect, but I can’t wait to see what we got ourselves into.”

HorsePlay Inc. is a nonprofit organization at 815 Westside Dr. that provides recreational horseback riding opportunities for children with mental or physical challenges. The organization’s goal is to help students build muscle strength and coordination, develop relationships with horses and people and to have fun along the way. The program is operated and certified under the guidelines of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH International).

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