Kids Holiday Paint Party

The Tullahoma Art Center will host monthly themed painting classes for children in grades K-5.  When children create art, they are developing fine motor skills, developing problem-solving abilities and processing their world and emotions in a creative way.

The Tullahoma Art Center (TAC) is starting a new monthly art class series. Adults are asked to step aside for this class, though.

What better way to decorate your home for the any of the seasons than with a painting your little one created? The center is offering area families an opportunity keep their hearts warm when the weather is frightful with the Kid’s Holiday Paint Party.

This class is all about the kids. Bring the little ones who like playing in paint for a fun and educational evening at the Tullahoma Art Center. In this class, children will learn design ratio, basic color theory, how to mix paint and basic brush techniques.

“All children are artists,” said painting instructor Beth Thames. “We bring out the inner artist by having fun stoking each individual’s fire to create. That is what it’s all about.”

Thames is the president of the Tullahoma Art Center board and director of the center’s after-school program. She dabbles in all kinds of arts and crafts. She specializes in pottery, and she owns and operates her own beauty parlor in an assisted living facility in Tullahoma.

The class will be one hour long, so it’s the perfect amount of activity before the young ones begin to get jittery. At the end of the paint class, children will be bringing home a canvas painting of a snowman happily gazing at new snowfall. The design is simple to follow and is sure to not only bring a smile to the children’s face, but their parents’ faces as well.

“We have all heard the research value about how art helps children develop fine motor skills, supports neural development and problem solving abilities,” said TAC Director Tina Shang. “But, it is so much more than that. Art is valuable because it allows children to process their world and emotions in a safe way, and it enhances creativity, which is a key to success in the modern world.”

This class is the first of many more monthly kid’s painting party classes. Each month will present a different theme such as winter and birch trees in January, love for February and so on. All materials will be provided for the class. The paint party is appropriate for children in kindergarten through the fifth grade.

The paint party will take place from 2-3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15, and there are only seven spots available. Registration is required. Cookies will be served during the class, and a special guest will make an appearance. The cost is $20 per child. To register for this class, visit


Additional TAC events

In addition to the Kid’s Holiday Paint Party, the Tullahoma Art Center is also having an Heirloom Stocking Class, an event geared toward adults. During this class, each participant will learn how to construct an heirloom quality Christmas stockings. These stockings can be personalized for any member of the family, even those with four legs.

This class will take place from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Dec. 8. The cost of the class is $25, and participants will need to bring their own supplies. Supplies include:

•        ½ yard of material for both the outside and the inside of the stocking

•        ½ yard of material for an accent color

•        ½ yard lightweight fusible thread for fabric

•        Optional decorations for stocking

Participants interested can register online for this class at

There is also an event featuring an exhibit from Jack Moore and friends from 1-7 p.m. today, Dec. 2, in the upstairs gallery. Moore works with a variety of mediums but mostly creates abstract art.

Moore served in the United States Army and then earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a master of arts from the University of Alabama. Moore has taught art at his alma mater, as well as Wichita State, Oklahoma State, Florence State, Georgia Southwestern and Motlow State Community College.

His exhibits have been featured in galleries all over the country. The gallery reception is accompanied by a piano recital in the downstairs gallery from 3-4 p.m. by Jennifer Howland and her students. Howland teaches weekly piano lessons at the art center.

Center officials are asking patrons who enjoy what TAC has to offer to share the love this holiday season with a donation. Because the center is a nonprofit organization, funds are sometimes tight to continue the mission of making art and cultural experiences accessible to everyone.

“Funds coming in right now are being allocated to building repair and youth projects,” said Shang. “The funds are used to develop artistic and cultural experiences for area youth and to make them assessable to as many people as possible.”

All donations received will be put to multiple good uses. The funds will be used for and not limited to:

•        Building repairs

•        The launch of a new Young Artist Gallery that will feature emerging artists from local school systems each month.

•        Art supplies and materials for classes.

•        Scholarships for classes for children who cannot afford the cost of classes.

•        Bringing workshops and lectures to increase public experience, understanding, appreciation and awareness to Arts and Humanities.

The fundraising social media campaign will continue through December as part of the art center’s year-end fundraising efforts. If interested in making a contribution to the Tullahoma Art Center, visit Tullahoma Art Center on Facebook. To learn more about the art center, find information on classes or to donate to the center, visit

Faith Few can be reached by email at