She may claim to be rock star, but it’s hard to argue that P!nk was anything less than a superhero at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last Sunday night.

Once the curtain dropped, the pop star was immediately flying around, dancing on wires, diving in between the stage and a chandelier, making it a memorable way to “Get The Party Started.”

That was just one of many theatrics included on the Beautiful Trauma Tour, as there were plenty of costume and set changes, along with pyro and backup dancers galore.

There was a gigantic special guest for the show – a 30-foot inflatable Eminem puppet made an appearance for the pair’s track “Revenge.” That oversized depiction of the rapper didn’t last long, lip syncing his verse, before P!nk flew up and punched him right in the face, in true superhero fashion, defeating the villain, as the puppet folded in half, disappearing from the stage.

Then there were other times throughout the night that left the crowd in pure awe, including when she seemingly defied gravity.

 During “Secrets,” P!nk dangled from the rafters on a cord, only to ditch the device and climb down the body of a dancer-acrobat who used his feet, and only his feet, to keep her aloft. It was a risky, but beautiful sequence that had the crowd living for the moment.

Then there was the finale, which saw the star wave goodbye the Music City crowd in an up close and personal style. For the majority of the set, P!nk kept to the main stage during her aerial performances, but toward the end of Sunday’s show, she was able to soar over the arena waving goodbye, while also belting out the words to “So What.”

It wasn’t just her high-flying ability and skills that made P!nk seem like a larger-than-life figure on Sunday night. In fact, it was the moments when she broke down the fourth wall, reading signs brought by fans in the crowd and talking with the audience is where she felt the most powerful.

Throughout the night, there as a constant message throughout the show – one of inclusion and acceptance. Those ideas were displayed in videos sprinkled throughout the show, but also by P!nk herself. She told stories about herself as an artist and what she believed in, while also telling a personal story about her daughter, who was worried she wasn’t beautiful.

Each time, the true message of those videos and stories was the same, love. Whether that be embracing somebody for their faults, or having somebody embrace their own faults, the message of love was ever-present.

As shown in the videos and acknowledged by P!nk herself, the performer has always been brash, unapologetic and never afraid to be herself. She promised the Nashville crowd that would never change and she would always keep fighting for what she believes in and is never going to take guff from anybody.

There were a few surprises in the set, as she pulled off a couple of cover songs on the night. The first was a mashup of her hit “Funhouse,” with No Doubt’s “Just a Girl.” Right after that, P!nk headed into a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” a song that had her dancing across the stage and proclaiming that she broke a string on her air guitar.

Getting the crowd warmed up was Julia Michaels, an unapologetic and brazen pop singer, who put on a fun performance. Michaels performed a nearly 45-minute, eight-song set, which was a fun way to welcome in the crowd at Bridgestone Arena.

So, what does a popstar, who just spent two hours putting on a visually stunning showcase for Nashville, end up doing with the rest of the night? Make her away across the street and perform at the legendary Tootsies Orchid Lounge is the correct answer, or at least according to P!nk that is. The singer surprised fans, hopping on stage to perform a cover of Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee.”

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