First United Methodist Church is planning out its Wednesday fall programming schedule, called “Extend the Table.”

The full slate of activities will begin on Aug. 14.

Wednesday evening programming, said the Rev. Paul Purdue, senior pastor, “will prayerfully bring together families around the table, not just for a meal, but for fellow-ship, devotion and prayer. It will be a time when activities in the church cease and every-one focuses on their mid-week connection with God.”

Some new programs include Bible Adventure and Music at 4:30 p.m. Michelle Anderson, choral director, and Esther Sims, Children’s Ministry Director, will be combining their gifts of music and Bible study into an hour of learning.

Another program this fall for the children is Spirit Fit. The program, which began about 3 years ago, has returned from its Sunday night slot to Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Dawn Hankins is facilitator of this high energy one hour session for children ages 4 through the fifth grade. The programming is fast paced and includes fitness, fellowship, Bible quizzing, Praise Moves and worship. All study material is age appropriate. Children are asked to wear gym attire for this class.

Youth Activities, under the direction of Kris Roberts, Director of Family and Student Ministries, include high school and middle school study and activities. There will also be a study room this year for students. Students also go off campus for fellowship and mission activities.

In addition, we have a Youth Choir, which involves the young people in worship and other ministries within the church. The FUMC youth have been very instrumental in missions and working at the Henry Center.

The meals at FUMC will be catered in from various vendors this year. Anyone interested may call the church office at 455-5434 to make reservations.

Associate Pastor Sharon Bonner Austell will be directing a four-week study on Luke, beginning Aug. 14 at 6:30 p.m.

FUMC Tullahoma is located at 208 W. Lauderdale Street, next to the US Post Office. For more information, call the ministry team at 455-5434.