Tullahoma Sign

Farrar third-grader Addy Nelson creatively captured the welcome sign that greets visitors coming into Tullahoma. Addy said people should visit Tullahoma because the town is as unique as its name

Pam Parker’s third-grade class at Jack T. Farrar Elementary school created pictures of Christmas ornaments depicting what living in Tullahoma means to them. Students were asked to create a picture inside an ornament that would persuade someone to move to Tullahoma. Creativity met paper as students thought about what made Tullahoma a special place to live.

Mayor Lane Curlee stopped by the school on Dec. 18 to visit second-grade students. While he was visiting, Parker’s students invited the mayor into their classroom to see the ornaments they had just decorated. While there were many creative ornaments, Curlee noticed that three ornaments in particular stood out to him.

Three ornaments decorated by Hallie Tipps, Bentley Smith and Addy Nelson caught Curlee’s eye as the decorated pages captured the spirit of Tullahoma and described reasons why Tullahoma was such a great place to be.

“This was a cute project that I wasn’t expecting,” commented Curlee. “The decorated ornaments captured the Christmas spirit and highlighted really nice things about Tullahoma. The kids did a really great job on this project.”

The three ornaments chosen by Curlee were: the Welcome to Tullahoma sign that read “You should come to Tullahoma because the city is as unique as its name,” the Starbucks emblem that read, “Go to Starbucks the best coffee shop around. Fresh and new right in Tullahoma TN. Don’t wait! Get it now before they run out,” and the Northgate Mall which read, “Northgate Mall is so pretty from the outside, it sparkles!”

Hallie, a budding java enthusiast, explained why she chose to make Starbucks the centerpiece of her creation.

 “I chose to draw Starbucks on my ornament because people don’t really know about it yet. It’s a new building. Ms. Parker said that these might go in The News, so I thought that if people see it, they will go,” Hallie said. “Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop. I always get a Strawberry Refresher with a little bit of lemonade because that’s my favorite drink. Sometimes my mom lets me get a Caramel Frappuccino. I eat all the whip cream off the top.”

Bentley said she chose to draw the mall because it’s a place where she’d like to spend more time.

“I wanted to draw the mall because I’ve never really been inside there,” she said. “I chose it because it’s big on the outside and kind of cool on the inside. I really just think it’s pretty on the outside. Claire’s is my favorite store in the world. I’d really like to visit there.”

Addy said she used the project as an opportunity to remind everyone how welcoming her hometown is.

“I drew the welcome sign because it’s there when you enter Tullahoma,” she said. “It shows a lot about the city that is as unique as its name. I like it because it’s where you enter the town. My favorite thing about Tullahoma is the Northgate Mall because it is big and has a bunch of stuff inside. There are a lot of games to play and it’s just a lot of fun.”

The third-grade students are studying author’s purpose. When an author writes a story, they have three means of motive: to inform, to persuade or to entertain. This particular project was geared towards persuasion. Students were asked to decorate their ornament and describe to readers why they should visit to Tullahoma.

“The students really enjoyed making the ornaments are they are really excited about others getting to see them,” said Parker. “They really put a lot of effort into the ornaments, more so than some of the other projects we’ve done throughout the year. I’m impressed with the enthusiasm they showed for the project.”