The stitch and your glitter-up

Kali Bradford 

The stitch and your glitter-up

This time of the year is tough for me. The half of me that loves summer is desperately holding on to these last heat-filled days before the bleakness of winter steals them away.

But it’s also football season and the urge to pull out my favorite Tennessee Volunteers hoodie is almost too much to bear.

And then there are the fall trends. I’m both excited to see what’s new for fall fashion this year and also sad to have to put away my sandals and tank tops.

But for the purposes of this column and staying true to our fashion roots, we are going to bear what’s left of the summer heat and get pumped for what’s to come this fall for fashion.

Also, heads up, you are going to laugh and be horrified at the same time with some of these. It never fails: fashion always thinks a little too much of itself and presents us with a “you’ve got to be kidding me” trend. This fall is no exception.

So, without further ado, here are trends for fall 2018. Enjoy.


‘Clueless’ plaid

If you loved the look of Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) in 1995 teen classic “Clueless” wearing her bright yellow plaid blazer and skirt then you are in luck this fall. Think all the plaids of fall but with bright pinks, yellows and greens.



Lovers of metallic sparkle will shine big time this fall. From accessories to attire, it’s time to shine. And don’t forget makeup. Throw some shimmer into your daily makeup routine or just copy it straight from the runway and rub it all over your face.



It’s the decade of fashion that just won’t go away. You know all those pictures of you wearing puffed sleeves, shoulder pads and acid wash that you’ve worked diligently to keep hidden from the world? Well, hide them no longer. They might actually provide as inspiration as the ’80s are being welcomed with a pumpkin-spiced hug from fall.


Hot pink

This neon hue is back and ready to wear. Add some major color from head to toe if you dare. Keep it simple with a hot pink blazer or some neon-pink flats.


Sexy suiting

Suits are finally getting some style. Look for clean lines, unique cut-outs and even some fun prints for the serious suit.


Rainbow tights

Finally, we have permission to channel our inner Punky Brewster and wear any color tights we want. The sky, or the rainbow in this instance, is the limit.