Summertime is a crazy time for parents. While the kiddos are enjoying a much-deserved break from school, we adults still have to work. That leads to the dilemma of who’ll watch the kids and keeping them entertained. It can almost get to the point where both you and the kids don’t seem to enjoy the summer.

I count myself among these troubled parents who want the kids to have a memorable summer but also have the day-to-day work that has to be done. No, we can’t go to the beach, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give my kids a memorable summer.

Thinking back to my own summers as a child, I don’t remember how much my parents or grandparents spent on the things we did or the places we went. I do remember, though, is them spending time with me and how much fun we had.

So, here are a few of the things on my list of things to do this summer. I hope they help you be a little less stressed about summer with the kids.


Get outside

 Let’s start with free. Everyone likes free, especially us parents. One of the best and free things is to head out to the park. We are surrounded by a wealth of parks of all shapes and sizes that are just waiting for us to come and visit. Take a hike, enjoy some swimming, or just go a swing alongside your kiddo at the playground.


The library

Another free thing, unless you need to get a new library card, and that will only set you back a few bucks. But the library offers a number of free programs for all ages. Plus, there are also books. And books can be taken with you anywhere you want to go for, you guessed it, free. Make your library experience even better by having your children pick out a few books you can read together.



We are not short of places to swim in Tullahoma and the surrounding areas. While swimming will likely cost you a few bucks, the look of sheer enjoyment on your children’s faces will make it all worth it. Plus, you get to swim too, so it’s a win-win.



 What other way can you get free labor and let your children get as dirty as they like? Still haven’t put those flowers in a pot? Get some dirt, hand the kiddos a few hand shovels and consider it done. It’s a great activity to teach them about nature and its beauty.


Visit an area center

Thankfully, we are rich in these as well. These include the Hands-On Science Center, Tullahoma Art Center, D.W. Wilson Community Center and more. Grab the kiddos and enjoy some science, art or just some fun.


Just take time to play

Sometimes you just have to drop what you’re doing and enjoy a little playtime with your kids. Go outside or read a book. Summertime will be over soon, so make sure you all take some time to enjoy it.


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