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Jamie Harden’s “Ultimate Oldies” is planning a full set of shows for the upcoming summer and fall season.

James Harden of Ultimate Oldies

Harden said that each new date is a new, unique show.

“We have five shows in our rotation, a 50s, 60s and 70s show, an Elvis show, a 80s show and the classic country show, plus the Christmas show.”

Since the show began in 2010, the “Ultimate Oldies” program has expanded to take to the road and do shows in Cannon County, Lebanon and Lawrenceburg, yet Harden stresses, it remains true to its hometown Manchester roots.

“We always try to do one or two shows here in Manchester to help the arts center,” he said.

“All of our music highlights the music — the old stuff that people don’t get to hear anymore. Our 70s shows include songs like Tony Orlando, Jim Croce, artist you don’t hear anymore. We do our standard stuff, Chuck Berry, Elvis, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, those are all staples.”

The upcoming 80s show is something that the Oldies group has wanted to do for a long time.

“We wanted to see how the audience would react to it, so over the last three years we’ve mixed in little bit of 80s to see what the reaction would be,” Harden said.

The “Totally Awesome 80s Show,” set to run at the Manchester Arts Center (MAC) Sept. 13-16, will encompass the highlights of the decades.

Ultimate Oldies

“It’s going to have Hair Bands, movie ballads; it’s going to have Van Halen, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol. It’ll be a great show,” he said.

The next show coming up for Oldies group will be the “Classic Country Show” on July 7 at the Capitol Theater in Lebanon.

The Cannon County country show will debut a new fiddle player, Hilary Klug, a Nashville music scene mainstay.

Ultimate Oldies

Oldies will return to the MAC July 12-15 for the “Best of The Ultimate Oldies” show.

“We’ve taken nine years of music and compiled the very best from the 50s-60s,” he said. “It’s like 50 songs condensed into two hours, a high energy, fast-paced show.”

This year’s Christmas show, “Winter Wonder Land” will be in Cannon County Dec. 14-16.

“All the shows are different. It’s never the same show,” Harden said. “We’ve travelled so much, our shows have become so popular that I have several different band members and singers that we rotate in and out. We’ve had to get other musicians to fill our schedule.”

Harden added, “It’s really awesome how what started as an experiment nine years ago (evolved) to now, where we’re able to travel and have five different shows that we can take to different cities. It’s really grown and got to where I’ve wanted it to be. We feel blessed to realize what our dream was to do, but at the same time, stay true and keeping one or two shows in Manchester each year.”

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