Students who graduate from the Tullahoma Virtual Academy will officially be eligible for scholarships awarded to Tullahoma High School students after a vote from the Tullahoma City Schools.

At its November meeting, the Tullahoma school board voted unanimously (Board member Amy Dodson was absent) to approve a resolution that would allow any student who graduates from TVA to be eligible for the same scholarships that THS graduates may receive.

That resolution followed two separate votes from the local school board that extended eligibility to two local scholarships for TVA students, the John I. Holland Scholarship and O.G. and Dorothy Armstrong-Wollman. Both scholarships allow for students of Tullahoma High School “or any successor institution” to apply for funds for college. According to Director of School Dr. Catherine Stephens, the phrase “successor institution” could be interpreted to apply to the Tullahoma Virtual Academy. She said she coordinated with Jim Henry of the Tullahoma Educational Foundation for Excellence, who administers the scholarships, who agreed that TVA students should be eligible to receive these scholarship funds.

Stephens said while TVA students will receive a separate diploma, they will “graduate with the class of Tullahoma High School, making them eligible for the scholarships.

The resolution specifically states that the school board will consider all students who graduate and receive a diploma from either THS of TVA, and, while the Tennessee Department of Education recognizes TVA as a separate school, the Tullahoma school board considers it to be “an online extension of the Tullahoma High School."

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