Patel and Pisinos

Eleni Pisinos, left, and Shivani Patel tell the community about Mayor's Youth Council in this week's Wildcat Corner.

Among the many school-sponsored clubs and organizations at Tullahoma is one civic-minded group called Mayor’s Youth Council. The club is similar to student council except it deals with the whole community instead of just the school. Mayor's Youth Council usually meets once per month at city hall to discuss new service opportunities

Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC) provides THS students with the opportunity to help the community and get to know our community leaders.

Our main goal is to get the youth of Tullahoma involved in the community. From delivering homemade Thanksgiving meals to working together to clean the streets, MYC works together to help and better our local community.  We participate in many activities such as the city’s Earth Day festival and the Community Beautification days. Last year we went around to different nursing homes to sing Christmas carols. We love to spread happiness among our community through events like these.

While most clubs use leadership roles such as president, vice president and secretary, MYC decided to go a different way. We decided to model our leadership after the mayor and his group of six aldermen. We loved this idea because it allowed more students to attain leadership roles and to become familiar with this system of governance. We felt that we would be good leaders and could come up with new ideas to help our community out.

We have already compiled a long list of ideas that we are ready to put into action such as building bird houses in our local parks, sending care packages to the elderly and helping out at our local animal shelters.

Mayor’s Youth Council has changed our perspective and our boundaries of what we can actually do to help our local community. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or little change. We all have the chance and spirit to change someone’s day for the better. We encourage anyone and everyone to join MYC, whether it is for the pizza, the friends, or the chance to truly help our community. Come to our next meeting on October 17th at city hall, 201 W. Grundy St!

Wildcat Corner is new column series giving voice to the students of Tullahoma High School. Throughout the school year, THS National English Honors Society students will submit a column detailing personal life and school experiences in exchange for society service hours and real world print media experience. Submissions are edited. Columns will appear in the Sunday edition of The Tullahoma News.

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