UTSI Wu Student Presentation

Ahmad Bakir and Aleia Williams took first and second place respectively in the sixth annual Wu Student Presentation Competition held at UTSI earlier this month. From left Robby Sanders, Williams, Bakir, Tom Geil and Jerry Dahlberg.

The University of Tennessee Space Institute, (UTSI) hosted its sixth annual Wu Student Presentation Competition on Thursday, April 14.  The goal of this competition is to allow graduate students to present their research work to an audience and judges to further develop their presentation skills.

There were nine competitors this year and presentations covered disciplines in Industrial, Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering.  The first place winner was Ahmad Bakir, a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, and his advisor was Associate Professor Peng Zhao.  His presentation was entitled, “Computational investigation of vaporizing and autoignitive liquid ammonia spray.”  The second place winner was Aleia Williams, a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering, and her advisor was Professor Jackie Johnson.  Her presentation was entitled, “Iron Nanoparticles for Magnetic Imaging Applications.”