A man faces retaliation charges after he allegedly threatened a police officer, a charge the man denies maintaining the only place the lawman had to fear him was on the basketball court.

The suspect, Alex Clay, 30, is charged with drunk driving and retaliation for past actions. The charges come after Tullahoma police arrived at Bethel Baptist Church off Westside Drive to investigate an accident where a car had hit the pillars of the church. When questioned, Clay maintained he had swerved to miss another car that had run a red light, causing him to run through the church yard. During the conversation, police noticed the smell of alcohol coming from his person.

“He growled at the officers,” the report revealed, noting he reacted in an aggressive manner when he was told he would have to perform a field sobriety test. He did poorly on the test and police took him for a blood test.

It was during the transport that Clay allegedly said “catch me outside without your badge on”. His comment was taken as a threat by the officer. However, Clay said the officer took his comment all wrong. “He (Clay) stated he was referring to him playing basketball and dunking on him because of his height.”

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