The Commissary at Arnold Air Force Base has continued to provide safe and reliable access to food and other necessary supplies throughout the coronavirus crisis.

“We serve those that serve America,” said Brandon Jelson, store director.

AEDC Commissary

Store teller Tina Lawson scans a customer’s purchases, as bagger Sarah Goldston bags the items, May 5, 2020, at the Arnold Air Force Base Commissary, while taking measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. The Arnold Air Force Base Commissary and Base Exchange have remained open to serve their customers throughout the coronavirus crisis.

While grocery stores in the state have remained open, the Commissary allows active and retired servicemen and servicewomen to shop in an environment with risk mitigation measures to increase their safety.

“We can provide a more secure avenue of providing goods and commodities,” Jelson said.

The following measures have been put in place to decrease risk of coronavirus transmission for both patrons and employees:

  • Everyone seeking access to the base must answer screening questions to determine if they pose an unacceptable risk of virus transmission, as determined by Base leadership.
  • Everyone entering the Commissary has their ID checked to permit entry to only those with shopping privileges.
  • The Base commander has directed that every person must wear a face covering while in the Commissary or Base Exchange.
  • Patrons are currently not allowed to bring reusable bags into the store for use. They must use single-use bags, or during their visit, they may purchase new reusable bags for use on that visit.

If patrons have any questions, they may call the Commissary at 931-454-7710.

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