The mayor is backing away from his Monday proclamation.

Just 24 hours after reading a proclamation that imposed a citywide curfew and non-essential business closures after 6 p.m., Mayor Lane Curlee issued a new "Advisory to Shelter at Home" instead.

In an email to residents, Curlee said he included numerous "shalls" in the Monday proclamation, which he is "not authorized to make," thus prompting him to take back the document and issue a replacement proclamation.

"In my haste yesterday to do what I thought was right for the residents of Tullahoma, I made a series of mistakes in issuing a proclamation containing 'shalls' I am not authorized to make," Curlee said in the email. "I apologize for the confusion."

Curlee's email said the curfew hours he implemented Monday are no longer valid.

"To be clear, there is no curfew nor is any business required to close," he said.

The new proclamation, which can be found here, states instead that citizens are "respectfully requested to shelter at home," and maintain proper social distancing (at least 6 feet of distance); all non-essential businesses are "requested" to close and essential businesses, including grocery stores and pharmacies, are "requested" to establish preferential shopping hours for senior citizens and "otherwise vulnerable populations."

The new proclamation does not interfere with Gov. Bill Lee's Executive Order #14, which prohibits restaurants from having dine-in hours for the time being.

All restaurants in Tullahoma cannot have dine-in service; they must use delivery, takeout or curbside pickup instead.

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Erin McCullough has won awards for her news reporting, community lifestyles and education reporting in the three years she's been a journalist. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and currently lives in Tullahoma with her cat, Luna.

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