Duck River Brochure

Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) continues to support their members by providing payment assistance through Project HELP.

The goal of this program is to enable DREMC members to stay current on their electric bills during times of financial stress, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and associated rise in unemployment.

This emergency residential energy assistance program is facilitated by generous monthly and one-time donations from members and DREMC employees and is overseen by local nonprofit organizations in each of the seven counties served by the cooperative. Since its inception in 2015, Project HELP has yielded more than $214,000 in donations. A contribution of an additional $30,000 was recently made by DREMC and was matched by the Tennessee Valley Authority through their COVID-19 Community Care Fund.

“Helping our members during difficult times makes a difference to the families who are struggling,” said DREMC President and CEO Scott Spence. “With support from Project HELP, many are receiving assistance with electric bill payments as economic challenges continue.”

Locally DREMC partners with the Coffee County Good Samaritan Association to offer Project HELP assistance year-round.

“Over the past several months, COVID-19 placed some members in situations they’ve never experienced before,” says DREMC Office Supervisor Janet Layne. “Through it all, Project HELP offers electric bill assistance to those who need it most.”

To determine program eligibility and apply for assistance through Project HELP, visit the Coffee County Good Samaritan Association at 115 Park Place in Manchester, or call 931-728-5122. The organization is directed by volunteers; hours of operation may vary.

Community donations are vital to the success of Project HELP. To make a monthly donation, check the appropriate box on your DREMC billing statement, contact your local office or visit One-time donations are also accepted at any DREMC office. All donations go directly to help those who qualify for Project HELP assistance.

“If you are unable to pay the electric bill, remember that Project HELP may provide part or all of the solution,” said Spence.

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