Trash collection an issue around holidays


My garbage and recycling day is on Wednesday and with most holidays rarely occurring on Wednesday, we are not usually affected. Christmas day of 2019 and New Year’s Day of 2020 were on Wednesday. Our garbage and recycling were collected on Wednesday December 18, after 12 days Monday December 30, Monday January 6, and Wednesday January 8, but nothing was collected during the week of Christmas. This was a gap of 12 days where Christmas parties, family get-togethers, and trash from gifts, etc., took place. However, trash was then picked up within 2 days from January 6 to January 8.

I was told various reasons for not running the route on Monday, December 23 instead of Christmas: (1) not wanting to run the trucks half full, (2) to have a makeup day instead of two days early, (3) not affecting as many people, etc.

My husband and I are the only two residents in our home, and when December 30 rolled around, we had a full garbage can and three full recycling bins. Many of our neighbors had overflowing garbage cans.

There would be no need for signs or even to place an article in the newspaper if everyone had a garbage day on Monday of the holiday week as was true in prior years instead of waiting until the week after for extra trash to accumulate. The only example that I found on the Public Works website was in 2012 when garbage was picked up on Monday, July 2 in place of Wednesday, July 4.

This has nothing to do with the hard working employees of Public Works but is a scheduling problem of management. What was done makes no sense why Monday prior to Christmas was not used. Finally, special public messages are often included on utility bills. Why not use this as was done for Thanksgiving in 2014 and Christmas 2014?

Maybelle Artman



Congress needs to end surprise medical billing


There is a battle being fought in the nation’s capital over what should be done to solve the issue of surprise medical billing. How Congress handles surprise billing will have national ramifications, affecting millions of patients. With what’s at stake, the proposed laws deserve sober consideration.

In Washington, many different advocates and voices are weighing in. Insurance companies and their lobbyists insist the answer is to artificially set reimbursement rates for out-of-network providers, establishing a one-size-fits-all rate schedule for care based on the rates for in-network care. The problem this creates is allowing insurers to manipulate the rates- ultimately putting it to their favor.

With this approach, millions of rural Americans could be left out in the cold when it comes to emergency healthcare if prices are artificially set. Rate-setting would put all the financial burden on doctors and hospitals - and would put rural providers and patients especially at risk.

The better solution that benefits everyone in the process - would be implementing a system already in use in several states that uses independent dispute resolution, commonly known as IDR.

IDR enables an independent third party to make a binding decision based on an independent review of billing disputes. This respected method bases each case on an individual basis and allows all sides of the case to be represented.

In ending surprise medical billing, my hope is that Congress will turn its full attention to solving this problem - and not haphazardly tack it onto a broader bill or an end-of-year spending bill.

The health and wellbeing of patients and doctors is much too important for Washington to take a business-as-usual approach.

Dr. Brown is a practicing Emergency Physician at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital, a member of the Tennessee Medical Association and President of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) Tennessee Chapter Division.

Mary Jane Brown, MD



Innocent or Guilty


Now the trial of the impeachment of President Trump has come to an end. We must turn our attention to the U.S. Senate for holding a so-called trial without searching for the total truth.

There were many differences in this trial. This trial did not have any witnesses. There were witnesses that stated they would testify in the trial if asked. Some witnesses stated they had important information to share with the jurors, but they were not allowed to speak. The jurors voted 52 to 48 to not allow witnesses. The Republican voting in the majority. A trial without witnesses. Is this justice or a sham trial?

There were amendments presented to have a just and fair trial, but they were all voted down by the Republicans. Then came the day of the final vote on the Articles of Impeachment and removal of the President from office. Only one Republican found his moral courage to vote against the President.

I feel this so-called trial with no witnesses has divided our country. I believe the Senate Republicans refusal to hear from witnesses suggest they believe the President is guilty. Do you believe the President is guilty?

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent we are all Americans. We all desire the truth. Why do we allow our elected officials to hide the truth from us?


Bobby Fanning



Thanks for making Tour of Homes a success


The Board of the Tullahoma Day Care Center (TDCC) would like to thank the Tullahoma community for its support of the Tour of Homes in December. This is our major fundraising event each year and it could not happen without the many donations of time, effort and auction items that we received. Our corporate donors this year included Barnett Automotive Group, Ascend Federal Credit Union, L&H Distributing, Jacobs Technology, Cubic Transportation Systems and Tennova Harton. Many other individuals and businesses contributed as well. We especially appreciate the homeowners who so graciously opened their homes to Tullahoma and our surrounding communities for this event and the Tullahoma Art Center who partnered with us to host the silent auction and was included on the tour. The 2019 Homeowners included Gail and Jack Dayton, Melanie and Tommy Dennis, Sonya and Marc McNabb and Leslie Wurst. The hostesses at each home and the local artists who donated paintings of the homes are special – we could not do the event without them. At last, but not least, the wonderful staff of the TDCC and children we serve who inspire us all year to make this happen.


Reba Walters

TDCC Board of Directors


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