Feeling a wee bit nostalgic and thinking about the good ol’ days I looked back. Let’s make America great again; back to when blacks and women knew their place. Let’s go back to all twelve grades in one room. Let’s make America great again and go back to dirt and gravel roads and the illustrious dust sheen that canvased the empire. Let’s go back to your father’s Oldsmobile with no seat belts or air bags and infant car seats mere deathtraps.

Was America being great when we strung up black soldiers still in uniform; fresh home from combat? Was America being great again when we had to have the National Guard escort his children to school? When we color coded the bus they rode? Let’s make America great again and go back to beating kids with sticks and spoons and coat hangers. Let’s make America great again and use those same coat hangers to perform back alley abortions.

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