I was disgusted to see such a blatantly racist letter to the editor published by The Tullahoma News, see “Some people can’t handle freedom” published 5/14/21. A simple google search of the author shows he is a disgraced former teacher who is proudly pro-slavery. Not only is he individually abhorrent, but he isn’t even from this area, so why publish him? Even given the News’ conservative slant, surely you don’t actually believe that African Americans are “intolerable pests” or that as voters they are “uninformed and stupid”. I cannot believe that this racist drivel is being published by my hometown paper in 2021. Even if you don’t believe in what the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to accomplish, are you seriously going to advocate a pro-slavery stance? Because that’s what this individual is doing. He quotes George Fitzhugh and John Calhoun, both adamantly pro-slavery. If we want Tullahoma to grow and prosper, this is not the sort of thing you should be publishing. I’m all for differing views in public discourse, but this racist idiot has no business being published in any form anywhere. What’s next, Tullahoma News, an article by the American Nazi Party on the dangers of Jewish people?

Howard Bennett