All parties have a role in Nashville


To the editor:

I appreciate Mr. Fanning’s recent letter to the paper. However, he and the public need to know the Capitol Hill Review that The News publishes is not authored by me but produced by the public relations team of the Republican House Caucus. The News publishes the report in order to supply the public with a good summary of information of what is going on at the state’s General Assembly.

Yes, the Republicans have the voting majority in both houses in Nashville and they greatly influence the legislation that is made. However, all parties have a role in that legislation and I hope all citizens’ interests are represented in the legislation we pass. I have passed Mr. Fanning’s letter to the writers of the report and they have stated his comments were welcome and noted.

I want all citizens in my district to know that I will always try to represent their interests the best I can regardless of their political affiliation.

Rush Bricken

State representative 47th District


What has happened to the moral majority?


To the editor:

It is with deep concerning as to what is happening with the thinking and actions coming these days from the religious standers that the religious right/moral majority have advocated over the years now to see them wrap their arms around the language and words coming out of Washington today. It is not the standers I would want to forget and support a different stander of thinking. Is it is because of one big issue, “the abortion issue” whom the politician on the right is anti-abortion or is it that the religious right/moral majority has changed their thinking on their true Christian values they so endear? If one were to search the scriptures with reference to the abortion issue they will not find it. Jesus in his ministry of a new vision to repent, love thy neighbor as you love yourself. This was the message gave to all, not to the Jews but also the gentiles, so what are we as people from all walks of life are doing and it appears as if you are not a conservative Republican you are not adhering to the message of which Jesus so vividly taught. Yet another is we see church appearing on nearly every corner of our lives advocating the same message but on the same people for the last two years have been so divided on both the political thinking and the true Christian values this country has had as a guiding light. Again I ask the question what has happened to the thinking and actions of the religious right/moral majority?

Bobby Fanning



Don’t we want more from our president?


To the editor:

I read with interest the opinions of Robert Huskey defending President Trump in several areas, including the Mueller Report. However, I think legal judgement should wait until the full report is released. This release seems to be opposed by Trump supporters. And Trump did surround himself with several close associates who did commit felonies.

But don’t we want our president to do more than just follow the law, if that’s what the full Mueller Report indicates? Don’t we also want someone with the proper moral and temperament to lead our nation? Even a casual observer knows of the numerous problems in the business and personal lives of Trump for decades.

And he does not seem to have the maturity of most of the adults that I know. If you don’t agree with him, he will belittle you and call you names. I recall this type of behavior on the playgrounds of my youth. Within a few years however, most had made major advances in growing up. Incessant bragging is also troubling!

Mr. Huskey states that the people opposed to Trump are to blame for the division in this country. No one has done more to divide this great nation than this president. Anything he disagrees with is “fake news” and anyone who opposes him gets a childish nickname. He does not seem to understand that maybe, just once in a while, there might be a good idea that he hasn’t thought of!

Mr. Huskey also mentions the “travesty of Obamacare.” I believe the millions that now have health care would probably disagree. Opposition to Obamacare should include a replacement plan. Also, Mr. Huskey “suspects” that Trump wishes he hadn’t said those awful things about Senator McCain. But Trump continues these attacks.

I suspect that Trump doesn’t hate McCain because of the Obamacare vote but because McCain served his country honorably and Trump did not. As far as I can tell, Trump has always put himself first and rarely, if ever, gone out of his way for the common good. Lastly, Trump has a strong aversion for the truth and his “gutter” language is quite unbecoming a president.

Ben M. Petty