U.S. economic systems are a mixed bag


To the editor:


Capitalism, socialism and communism are three economic systems. Capitalism is controlled by private interests; socialism is government operated and communism is owned and operated by the public.

Specific examples of private capitalists are Amazon, McDonald’s, Bank of America, Ford Motor, Jack Daniel, Walgreens as well as hundreds of other manufacturing industries and businesses.

Some examples of government socialists are the government itself, the military, public schools, social security, national forests, police and fire departments and the post office.

Yet, in this country, capitalism and socialism are so intertwined that one cannot exist without the other.

Examples are government owned highways built by private companies, private companies securing timber from U.S. forests, private medical doctors working at veterans’ hospitals and, locally, Arnold Engineering Development Center, operated by private corporations. Remember also that salaries paid to government workers are used for purchases at private businesses.

As for communism, it mostly exists in name only. No nation is communist, even though, in the United States, the term has been used frequently to alarm the public.


Jack Moore



Reconsider the parking at Short Springs


To the editor:


I would like to commend the Friends of Short Springs on the outstanding addition of the new bridges and for keeping the trails open and easy to follow.

I also noticed the lower makeshift parking area, downhill from the main parking, has been blocked off. Many of our senior citizens used this lower trail because the main trail is too strenuous and long for them to use. Other persons with limited mobility also used the lower makeshift parking area as the only option for entering the park. This lower entrance provided a short, relatively easy walk into parts (Bobo Creek Falls) of the park. Without a lower entrance and parking many older people will just have to stay home.

Senior citizens and other friends of Short Springs should not be denied access to this beautiful natural resource. I think a small lower parking area would solve this problem for our seniors and others and would be a very nice addition.


Billy R. Price


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