It seems as if Mr. Bobby Fanning has again written that President Biden is doing wonderful things but offers absolutely no proof. 

He cites his popularity rate as 52 percent and his COVID-19 approval rate as 67 percent. Where do these figures come from? And I’m still waiting for an answer to a question I previously asked him:  After over 40 years in Congress can he name one thing President Biden has accomplished, other than to get re-elected? 

Now I have another question: What in the world is a “failed success”? If something fails it is not a success. If something is successful it is not a failure.  President Trump may not have been perfect, but he was American. And in case Mr. Fanning did not know why Republicans did not support his COVID-19 bill, it is for the reason they stated – it was full of pork. Please Mr. Fanning explain to all of us readers what $1.5 million that went to New York to build a bridge to Canada or the $1 million to build a rail system in Silicon Valley (California) or $480 million for Native American Language studies, or the other tens of millions of dollars for other projects that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus had to do with virus relief? 

I read that less than ten percent of the money contained it the Bill was related to virus relief. I do not know this, it is only a number that has been published.  And before we address the proposed Infrastructure Bill, I would like to see a breakdown of what will be spent and on what it will be spent for. For decades politicians have passed a bill with a popular name when only a small percentage of the money is used for the named purposed but multiple “amendments” use most of the money approved. Personally I think that the items contained in any bill should be limited to the name of the bill.  And I’m sure the price increases for food, fuel, and other day to day needs of families is not related to any of the executive orders issued since January 20th.

David Bagby