STAR Therapy

Director Amy Morris cuts the ribbon at STAR Therapy’s new location on Cedar Lane.

Those looking for some star treatment will have to go to STAR Physical Therapy’s new home on Cedar Lane.

The physical therapy clinic recently celebrated its new home at 1435 Cedar Lane with a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony. The new location has been opened since June, and Clinic Director Amy Morris said the reason for moving was it had outgrown its space at Commerce Central at 2111 N. Jackson St.

“When we opened about 16 years ago it was just a single therapist and a therapy assistant,” Morris said. “Through the years, as we’ve gotten our roots in Tullahoma, our practice has grown and we really needed space. That was one of our first nudges out of that area.”

The other nudge for Morris was she had the opportunity to purchase some land for a free standing building. She is not only the tenant but also the landlord and is able to have a little bit more say in the aesthetics of the building and surroundings. She added it helped her further her roots in her hometown.

STAR Physical Therapy broke ground in February this year and Morris described the journey as a rollercoaster due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather. She said she is grateful to their contractors DeVille Construction for their patience with them and for knowing the time limit the clinic had on its lease. She added she’s learned a lot about commercial business development and thanked city officials for helping her along the way.

Since its June opening, the clinic has seen more growth than Morris and her staff anticipated. She credits this growth on having more visibility during the building’s construction and not being a part of a shopping plaza.

“As people watched our building go up on Cedar Lane and themselves encountering injuries or surgeries it was like ‘Let’s go look at this new place that I’ve watched being built for the last several months,’ so our business has grown which has been good,” Morris said.

Former patients have stopped by to see the new location and some of the new additions to the facility like the large piece of turf inside, which has shown to have multiple purposes than first thought.

“We thought we were originally going to using it for mostly for our athletes training, but what we realized is that surface condition change has been really good with helping our balanced folks getting them used to transitioning from a hard pavement to walking on the grass,” Morris said.

She added that being in a free standing building has helped as well as they can take their patients outside and walk on different conditions while taking the athletes to the back of the facility to be able to throw and to do sprints, which they didn’t have at the other location.

“I didn’t really think about it until we got here and realized everything else the space and location has to offer,” Morris said.

While the office location has now changed, the quality of service and home feeling has not at STAR Physical Therapy and Morris said she is grateful for her team.

“I have a wonderful team that surrounds me and takes care of our patients and for that I am very grateful,” Morris said. “We are looking forward to continue to serve our town.”

Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and are closed Saturday and Sunday. For more call 393-4494 or go