A local man was conned out of thousands of dollars recently when he fell for a scam in which he thought he was going to turn his vehicle into a moving billboard.

The victim told police he had decided to use his vehicle for an advertising display and had been in contact with an alleged advertising company whereby he would be paid around $500 to place signs from a soft drink company on his car.

The man said he was sent a check from the company for $2,555 and told to deposit the check to his account. He was then directed to send $2,003 to pay for the advertising signs that would be placed on his car. He did as instructed but when the check that he had been sent by the advertising company bounced, he realized something was amiss and decided to report the fraud to police. Adding insult to injury, the victim was out an additional $53 he paid for speedy delivery.

His attempts to contact the company have been to no avail.