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The hostilities between the United States and Iran have brought a change of posture when it comes to security at Arnold Air Force Base.

“We, of course cannot discuss specific things about security but we have made a change in posture,” said Jason Austin, Director of Public Relations at AEDC. “We make these changes continually as result of changing events around the world.”

The changes, Austin said, often have to do with routines and habits, things the average person would not notice.

“The road through the base should not see any effects,” he said, noting the public would be most impacted if they were planning to come to the base. Anyone who wants to come on the base must first submit to a background check. However, even those should be prepared to get to the gate a little earlier.

“We encourage visitors to set aside a little more time,” Austin said of checks and security protocols that could delay entry to the base.

While those with business at the Air Force base and the engineering portion of the campus will continue being credentialed. However, Austin said they will be looking at the tour program in light of current affairs.

“It may be something we will need to curtail for a while,” he said of the practice of allowing tours of the base which covers 40,000 acres.

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