Workers represented by the Air Engineering Metal Trades Council (AEMTC) at AEDC last Thursday unanimously rejected the labor agreement recently presented by National Aerospace Solutions (NAS), officials have announced.

According to Jay Vandergriff, president of AEMTC, the contract presented by NAS was “voted down with 100 percent rejection to the contract” in a vote held Thursday, April 13.

AEMTC represents 612 wage employees of NAS at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex. The two sides have a June 30 deadline to ratify a contract.

“National Aerospace Solutions, LLC has been informed by the Air Engineering Metal Trades Council that its membership voted not to ratify the company’s proposal for a new labor agreement,” Bob Pullen with NAS external affairs said through an email.

“In the meantime, AEDC workers represented by the Metal Trades Council will continue work under the provisions of the current labor agreement which expires June 30, 2017.”

NAS is a joint venture of Bechtel National Inc., Sierra Lobo Inc. and GP Strategies Corporation. The Air Force awarded the Test Operations and Sustainment (TOS) contract at AEDC to NAS in 2015. It was formerly held by ATA.

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