A woman whose get-away vehicle didn’t get away faces burglary charges after stolen items were found inside her car near the scene of a pair of auto break-ins.

The suspect, Amanda Hatfield told police she wanted to talk to an attorney after she was asked pointed questions about thefts from Creighton Place area of town. She is accused of taking items from two parked vehicles.

Police first noticed something was amiss when they were called to Wheeler Street to investigate a traffic hazard. When they arrived they noticed Hatfield’s vehicle parked in the roadway, blocking a drive way. Police looked inside before having the vehicle towed and found a men’s wallet, a Guess-brand purse and a backpack with a chrome book inside it. They found out a short time later that those items had been taken during a pair of auto burglaries in the area.

Police were then contacted by Hatfield who claimed her vehicle had been stolen. She was called in for questioning and told police she had parked the vehicle there the night before and that she had the keys. Given her admission, officers asked about the stolen goods.

“I asked her if she knew how the items stolen from the victims’ vehicle ended up in her car and her car being less than a block away from where the two cars were broke into,” the report revealed of the interview with Hatfield.

While agreeing to speak with police in the beginning, the suspect told officers the interview was over at that point and that she wanted to contact a lawyer before answering any more questions.

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