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The Tullahoma Art Center is one of four locations hosting Salvation Army Angel Trees this year. According to TAC’s Beth Thames, the center’s tree still has around seven angels left to be picked up. All angel tree orders must be completed by Monday, Dec. 9.

There are only five days left to pick up an Angel from any of the four Salvation Army Angel Trees in Tullahoma and purchase the items listed, according to local Salvation Army officials.

According to Pam Bussell with the local Salvation Army office, the deadline to purchase and deliver winter clothing for each of the angels on the Angel Trees is Monday, Dec. 9.

Each year the Salvation Army seeks to help hundreds of Tullahoma children receive winter necessities like coats, fresh socks, underwear and other winter weather items.

“We try to make sure every kid has at least a new coat and some new clothes,” Bussell said of the annual program.

There are four different Angel Trees located throughout Tullahoma, Bussell said. Annual trees are once again set up inside Chick-Fil-A and Traders Bank. There are also two new locations for the trees, including a new physical therapy office and the Tullahoma Art Center

According to Beth Thames with the Art Center, hosting an Angel Tree is something the center has been looking at doing for a while.

“It’s just something that we wanted to do here,” she said.

The TAC tree started out with 10 angels, Thames said, but now has just seven left.

Helping with the Angel Tree program holds a special place for Thames, as she wants to help make sure Tullahoma children are provided for.

“That’s really special to us, because we know that the kids will be provided for,” she said. “It means a lot more to know that they’re going to have socks on their feet and coats on their backs.”

This year’s Angel Tree campaign saw more than 200 children registered for assistance plus more on a waiting list, according to Bussell.

“We’ve got a waiting list that’s about 20 to 25 people,” she said.


How to help

Those wanting to help provide winter necessities for Tullahoma children in need are asked to stop by any of the four Angel Tree locations and pick up a card.

All the items needed for each child are listed on the information section of the card, so purchasers know which items to procure for their angels.

All the items should have their tags on them and remain unwrapped, as Salvation Army volunteers double check each item before they are given to the parents.

The items can be placed in a gift bag, however, but should remain unwrapped.

Once all the items on the angel card have been purchased, buyers should drop them off where they picked up their card. Salvation Army volunteers will then collect the items from each business.

The Angel Trees are located at Chick-Fil-A, Traders Bank, Benchmark Physical Therapy and Tullahoma Art Center.

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