A remodeling project at the Tullahoma Art Center is almost completed.

Thanks to a grant from the Bonnaroo Works Fund received in December, visitors of the art center will soon be able to enjoy a renovated painting studio and a pottery room.


Painting studio

Beth Thames, president of the Tullahoma Art Center, hopes the revamping of the two areas to be finalized by the end of the month. 

“The formerly-called Blue Room has now been painted to a fresh light color, which has brightened up the space and it’s more appropriate for a painting studio,” Thames said. “We have ripped the old linoleum sheet flooring up, and I’m working on what is called paper floor. I’m using brown contractor paper, gluing it to the floor, staining it and putting polyurethane on the floor.”

When completed, the floor will be sealed and completely waterproof, added Thames.

“Once that’s finished, the faucet is getting replaced on the sink, along with all the pipes underneath,” Thames said. “The furniture will come back in, and we will be ready for class again. Hopefully, we’ll be ready by the end of this month.”

The room will provide space for instructors teaching art classes.

“It can be used for anything, from painting to sculpture to making mixed media,” Thames said. “There is sink space, so it gives you a lot of different options.”

There will be plenty of space for tables, chairs and easels.

“The room is ADA compliant,” Thames said. “There will be room for a wheelchair so [individuals] with disabilities can come here and have the space they need to be able to move around.”


Pottery studio

The second space receiving a facelift is the pottery room, said Thames.

“This room was called The Sculpture Room previously,” Thames said. “We have now deemed it The Pottery Room because there will be more than sculpture going on.”

This area is set up to handle clay work.

“You have to have a special kind of sink and drain and a special way to hose down the floor, so the water can go out,” Thames said. “We have a special drain in the floor. Also, we can hook up a small kiln, if we wanted to have a kiln. My pottery wheel will go in here and, shortly, we’ll start doing all of our clay work in this room. It’s the room that is set up for it and it’s ready to go.”


About the grant

The Tullahoma Art Center was among the local nonprofits that received grants from the Bonnaroo Works Fund at the end of last year.

The art center received $5,000.

The funds were used to update and stock the arts room and the pottery studio. Both areas are essential for the after-school children’s program, said Thames.

The money provided the supplies necessary to do all updates, repairs and restocking needed to enable the after-school program to continue without the struggle of securing funding for supplies and snacks for the participating children, according to Thames.

The Tullahoma Parks and Recreation, Millennium Repertory Company and Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity also received Bonnaroo Works grant funds.

Elena Cawley may reached via email at ecawley@tullahomanews.com.