The Tullahoma Sports Council is hoping to address the lack of community baseball and softball support by installing concrete batting cages at several public parks.

According to Sports Council Chairman Jimmy Bratcher, the council is currently working with Tullahoma Parks and Recreation to secure placement of the cages, which Bratcher said the community needs.

“There [are] no public batting cages in Tullahoma, and we felt like there was a need to have those public facilities,” he said.

The cages will benefit both the baseball and softball programs in the city, Bratcher said, as there will be cages set up at the Johnson Lane Recreation Area and Waggoner Park. According to Bratcher, Johnson Lane serves as the city’s main softball facility while Waggoner Park serves the baseball fans in the community.

The council, Bratcher said, wants to support both the baseball and softball programs in Tullahoma. “This is a way to allow for coaches … to be able to help support their various teams.”

The council is currently working with Donnie Fulks of Fulks Concrete on the construction of the cages. Fulks said he is providing labor and equipment at a reduced rate, as well as facilitating raw materials donations from materials suppliers.

Fulks added that the cages would be approximately 57 feet by 20 feet. Bratcher said the cages will also have some “soft-toss” nets as well.

As a Tullahoma Little League board member, Fulks said he was glad to partner with Bratcher on the idea.

“Little League itself has been intending on installing some batting cages,” he said.  So, once Bratcher approached him with the idea, he volunteered to help in any way he could.

Fulks said two additional batting cages would be installed at Cascade Park across the street from D.W. Wilson Community Center.

“We’re hoping to get at least two of the parks done this fall,” Fulks said.

The only thing the construction team might have to wait for, he said, are the cages themselves.

“What I’m handling is the earth work and the concrete work for the facilities,” he said. “Then the cages will be put on top of the concrete. There’ll be some indoor/outdoor carpet installed as well.”

Like Bratcher, Fulks said he is excited to see these batting cages going up.

“These will be instrumental for the baseball teams and coaches to use during practice or warming up before a game,” he said. “It just makes for a nice, complete facility.”

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