Public intoxication charges have been taken against a man who police say was caught wielding a curtain rod in one hand and a sword in the other – in an incident that ended with all of them being attacked by a swarm of bees.

The suspect, Bill Hunt, 52, is charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest after he allegedly fought with officers as they tried to take him into custody after answering a prowler call on East Lauderdale Street. Police say he refused to put down the sword and curtain rod he was twirling in the air when first ordered but he did finally lay them on the hood of a vehicle as he continued moving away from officers while seemingly talking to someone who didn’t exist.

“An investigator came up behind him without his knowledge and took him to the ground and placed him into handcuffs,” the police report revealed, noting Hunt continued to resist as he was being led to the patrol car and had to be stunned by stun gun due to fears blood that was coming from his arms would expose the lawmen if they had to fight with him again.

However, it wasn’t only the suspect that police had to battle as they were attacked by bees. “They were stung by multiple bees,” the report revealed, noting Hunt, who was also stung, told them he was allergic to bee stings, prompting an ambulance to be dispatched to treat him. He was subsequently treated and discharged from the hospital.