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Circulation Manager Kathy Boswell has worked at The News since the ‘90s.

“Behind the News” is an installment by Katelyn Lawson, where a different staff member is spotlighted in the Sunday edition of The Tullahoma News.

Just a step into The Tullahoma News building, one is immediately greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist helps customers with what they may want, including buying newspapers, renewing a subscription, along with things like printing and placing labels on newspapers to ensure customers are mailed their issues, answering phone calls and transferring them to the correct employees and much more.

Of course, The News would not be able to run without the circulation department and everything that they work hard to get done on time, especially on deadline days. All of this responsibility is overseen by Circulation Manager Kathy Boswell.

Boswell was born in Glendale, California and moved to Iowa before her first birthday. An interesting fact that she revealed about her childhood was that her father was a stuntman for old western movies and her parents lived on Spahn Movie Ranch, the well-known living place of the Manson family, making the acreage the first home she was brought to after her birth. Most of her family lived in Iowa. She grew up there on a farm, where her dad grew crops and tended to milk cows.

Due to her sister’s allergies, a doctor recommended that Boswell’s family move out of Iowa for her safety. They moved to Newbury Park, California when Boswell was 13 and just about to start third grade. When she was senior, she moved to Ventura, California and graduated high school there. After graduation, she spent some time in the valley with her brother and father.

Boswell moved to Nashville in the late ‘70s. She met her husband there and they eloped in Las Vegas in October 1981. They lived in Nashville for one year, then moved to Manchester and also Tullahoma the two years following that.

When her daughter Amanda was two, Boswell and her family moved to Sunland, California. The family officially moved back to Tullahoma in 1990 and has lived here ever since.

Boswell worked at Blockbuster for two years in the ‘90s. She was on a softball team with women who worked at The News. “They always talked about how great it was to work there, so I decided to try to get a job,” Boswell said.

She went to work for The News in the composing department for four years and was even promoted to Assistant Manager during that time. She then moved to the circulation department. She has been in this position for ten years.

“I like what I do. I like the people I work with,” Boswell said. “Talking to people on the phone is great most of the time. It can get crazy sometimes, but I love it.”

Boswell’s favorite food is a medium rare steak. In her spare time, she likes crafting little notebook and small legal pads by hand and spending time with her daughter, husband, grandchildren and sister.

If she were stranded on a desert island, Boswell would bring Country Time Lemonade flavor packets, her dogs Jake and Minnie and her Bible.

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