Police are looking for a man who went on a crime spree recently, breaking into stores in Tullahoma and Shelbyville just hours apart.

Tullahoma police were summoned to North Jackson Wine and Spirits after the owner discovered the right front door had been forced open. A review of the security footage revealed a man, described as a light-skinned black male or a white male around five-feet-six, weighing about 160 pounds, had donkey kicked the door open. Once inside the burglar rooted around for a while before stealing an empty cash box. In the end, the man got away with little to nothing but caused $1,100 worth of damage to the door.

A short time after the report was taken, local lawmen say they were contacted by Shelbyville police who revealed there had been a break-in of businesses there about two hours before the Tullahoma break-in.

Duane Sherrill may be reached at dsherrill@tullahomanews.com

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